Tomas Kaminski

Comic - Host - Speaker 

Stand Up Comedy

Book me as an entertainer for your company or event. I take requests and can adapt the comedy for the purpose. 


Book me as a lecturer. Lectures on Motivation, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence as well as Relationship Building and Group Dynamics

About Tomas Kaminski 

What makes Kaminski's heart sing are two things 1. helping people move forward in life and 2. making them laugh. After many years as a teacher, Kaminski decided to try to stand on stage in 2017 and joke about life, quite quickly he understood that this is the place he wants to be.

Kaminski has managed to make 4 stand up shows that have been at the Lund Comedy Festival and he has also come 3rd in Sweden's biggest comedy competition. School, family life and being Polish are things that Kaminski addresses in his stand up. He also runs the comedy club; Pop Up Stand Up in Malmö.

In addition to humor, Kaminski is also passionate about guiding and inspiring people around him. For many years as a teacher, he has developed lectures on motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence and how to build relationships and strengthen groups. All lecturs are based on scientific evidence.

Take the chance to laugh at his humor or be inspired by his lectures.